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Competitor website analysis

How is your website in terms of your competitors? Is it competing or is it falling behind fast? Do you have a website equivalent of a town crier? Or do you want to start a website and need to know what the minimum standard should be to compete?

A competitor analysis from Internet Consultancy and Management Ltd will soon tell you if your website is competitive and what you need to do to keep it being effective.

As time goes by, new sites and new competitors will come to the Internet, which can quickly leave yours in the shade. As a matter of course, all website business owners should check to see what is new in their industry. If you don't know what you are competing with then how do you know what changes to make? If time and/or knowledge is an issue then let Internet Consultancy and Management Ltd do the work for you.

The report will tell you who is directly competing with your products and/or services and what you will need to do to keep up or preferably take over. We will detail how we found these organisations, how me gauged them etc so that you can do the same in the future to ensure your site is kept competitive.

There is no secret in what we do and once we explain, you will be equipped to do the same. The report does not contain any jargon, meaningless numbers and statistics just a comprehensive and easy to understand report on what your competitors are doing and what you need to be doing to remain competitive.

Each analysis is different and the amount of work depends on many variables such as the amount of competitors you have etc. As a starting point, a basic website analysis takes a full day and is 150+ VAT.

To get your report and start being competitive then call us now on 0800 043 1057 or contact us.