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Spam Email And Your Friends

Do you think your friends and colleagues willingly sign you up for Spam email?
Well, unless they are using the BCC (Blind carbon copy) field when sending email or deleting previous recipients email addresses before forwarding, then they could be doing just that. This is how it works.
Some lower forms of life called Spammers, will sign up to hundreds or thousands of newsletters, community groups and many more online places to receive emails freely passed on by unsuspecting Joe Public (sending on humour is a particular favourite as often one joke email can contain hundreds of valid email addresses)
Within an email will be a record of who has historically received that email as it is passed from person to person. This information is contained within the main message section of the email or in the "TO" or "CC" field of the email.  It is the easiest task in the world for these bottom feeders to receive your email, extract all of those email addresses and sell them to other spammers around the World.
So if you don't want the recipient of your email to receive Spam email, be considerate and put the list of recipients in the "BCC" field of the email and delete any visible email addresses in the message section. Everyone still receives your email, but no one knows who else did.  
Every time you receive an email containing more than just your email address, politely reply and send them a link to this page.
If you have been sent a link to this page, please take this to be a polite request to educate yourself about Spam email and to ALWAYS use the BCC field.
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