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This form requires Word as your email editor but Word is either busy or cannot be found.

This applies to Outlook 2000 on windows XP professional although we don't think the operating system made a difference. We tried to find the answer on Microsoft (sure that should be Mickeysoft!) but to no avail.
The problem comes from when you try to open new email messages or reply to one and you have mail format set to "use microsoft word to edit all e-mail messages". The dreaded egg timer comes up and then you get the message shown above as the title of this document and you will have to use a plain text email instead which is rather NAFF!
Mail format is set by going to Outlook and looking at the top list of options. Select Tools> Options > Mail Format. In the top 1/3 of the window you will see a tick box. Make sure this is ticked if you want to use Word for sending emails.
The solution
The problem is a corrupt file in Office. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\1033 and rename We renamed it so that if it all goes horribly pear shaped you can put it back to how it was!
Then go back to Outlook 2000 and go to the help section at the top. Select "detect and repair" and then follow the prompts. At some point you may be asked to repair, reinstall etc. Go for repair. If not just keep selecting next.
This will then recreate for you. Don't forget to go back into mail format and make sure word is ticked as your email editor. All should be well after that and you can pat yourself on the back that you saved yourself a lot of money by not having to pay silly money to someone who knows nothing of computers at a famous high street PC retail store.
Please get in touch with us if this document makes no sense to you and by all means feel free to link to us or recreate this document providing we get the credit for writing it of course!