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ASP or ASP.NET short term contracts

Are you a good developer?

As of the middle of this year we have secured several ASP and ASP.NET contracts that have stretched our resources.

We have a permanent need for a short and long term ASP or ASP.NET developers to work with us. Depending upon performance, and this includes variables other than technical; we hope to provide much larger contracts and long-term work.

We aim to build a long-term relationship with the right people that will go on to become our primary support team. This team will receive the longer term and more interesting projects that come into our business. We split our development teams into two groups, primary and secondary. The primary group can choose which work they want to work on and receive a higher pay rate.

We provide full project specifications and actively work to progress your status to primary developer.
We work with many developers from around the World including Romania, Russia, India, Pakistan and China so please don't feel that because we are a UK company that we will not be interested in hearing from you.

September 06 update:
We are particularly interested in working with Eastern European developers due to their work ethic and language skills.

Progression failure

The most common reason for failing to progress from secondary to primary developer is the following:

  1. Failing to inform us that a deadline cannot be met. These things happen and we accept that, but you have to tell us.

  2. Failing to fully test your work before releasing it.

Future projects

Content management systems (CMS), e-commerce and e-learning have been around for years now and of course we work in these areas. What makes our approach different is that we design these applications from a user perspective so when we go to clients, they have no problems using it. All our consultants have worked in these areas before as users and now operate as designers. We need developers to create these easy to use applications to realise our designs.

Where possible, we prefer not to start from scratch. If there is an existing application that we can add to and modify to enhance the end users experience to save time and money, then we will choose that route.

Where many developers fail at the design stage is the interface. The back end is usually quite clever and organised but the front end is clumsy. Extremely small icons, text only menus, jargon and many mouse clicks for simple tasks are one example of clumsy interfaces.

Don't call them modules, components, categories, sections or hierarchical trees when the users call them pages, buttons and menus.

If you would be interested in working closely with ICAM Ltd, please contact us now.

ASP and ASP.NET Developers needed now