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Search Engines

"Being placed at page 1, position 1 will guarantee lots of Internet traffic and sales to your website" is not true and is usually found in sales literature from search engine optimisation companies. Being ranked well is a definite advantage to a website but is not the "kiss of death" if you are not as many other options are open to you.
Achieving page 1 position 1 in a search engine is all relative. Take our free phone number for example, in theory we should achieve top ranking for anyone searching for it but then we are the only one using it. So we are top of the listings but not generating extra sales or visitors, this is why it is relative.

As a website owner, you need to know what your target audience is entering into search engines and unless you have done any research or data collection, you can only be guessing at this. Internet Consultancy and Management Ltd will show you how to gather the information needed to make your site a success with the search engines AND your customers as one supports the other.

There are many tricks and short cuts to achieving better search engine rankings in the short term which you should stay away from. The major search engines are very proactive in searching for these "grey areas" and are always penalising sites by lowering or banning the site from their search results. Less reputable search engine optimisation companies use these techniques for short term success but with long term negative results taking months to recover from.

Before driving lots of traffic to your website, you should review it as you would not want to advertise a half built shop so make sure your website is the best it can be. Internet Consultancy and Management Ltd can review your site free of charge to see what areas may need some adjustment. The first consultancy is free so Call us now on 0800 043 1057 or contact us
Should you wish to perform your own SEO (search engine optimisation), Internet competitor analysis, Internet marketing and promotion then you will find SEO studio an excellent tool. The free version is feature rich with very few limitations for a single website owner and is regularly updated free of charge.  For the website visit and for their free search engine optimisation software click the link you just passed.