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Fertiliser from website supply company stops growth for Trees Online

A story of no CS (customer service) but plenty of BS
If you ask a busy website owner the question “how are you” and his reply takes 20 minutes, you might think it was more a counselling session than a conversation.
He was barely surviving and working very long hours operating The website was nowhere to be seen in Google and nearly all tree sales were generated from Google Adwords campaign which another company were paid to administer.
It seemed very strange that such a helpful and knowledable person was considering closing due to lack of sales until you dig a little deeper. The problem came from the website search engine optimisation functions or lack of them. The website company had set all page titles to the company name which is a website kiss of death for Google rankings.

Paying for really bad website services

I gave him a list of problems from a Google point of view and he gave me an equally long list from a technical and administration perspective, all of which had already been presented to his current website supplies. 
The only contact they were now making was through invoices, which he was still obliged to pay.  After a lengthy business Internet consultation over the phone, I offered our free e-commerce partnership deal. He takes care of the business we do the website plus other services listed below.
  • Running the adwords campaign in its entirety
  • Providing training for writing effective sales copy
  • Writing newsletters
  • Keyword research
  • Image optimisation
  • Image sourcing
  • Logo creation
  • Data transfer from old to new site
  • Administering online chat requests
  • Competitor analysis
  • Meta tag analysis and creation
  • Website statistics monitoring and analysis
  • Link creation
  • Consult on offers and marketing
  • Monitor sales and website operations
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Project manage further site development

Profits are up costs are down
As a result of 3 months of our efforts, compared to the same time last year turnover has increased 27%.
Due to our search engine optimisation efforts spending on Google adwords reduced from 10.1% of monthly turnover to 8.3% and still falling.
So with turnover up, average order value up and costs down, profits must be affected right? Of course, compared to the same time last year we have increased profits by a huge 73.7%.
All these figures can be verified if you doubt our word.
Everything was not as rosy as I have made it seem. The original website company departed extremely ungracefully by holding the company logo to ransom with many threats of legal action. If you want to know who the Aberdeen website design are then get in touch.
Contact us now if you are interested in starting or changing your online retail or wholesale business.