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Do you want a website or the benefits it can provide?

Making a website work is much easier than making it work to provide tangible business benefits. Ask yourself this question:  

"Do you buy a drill bit to start a collection or do you buy it for the hole it can provide you?"
ICAM Ltd sell business benefits, not websites. Check for yourself. Ring any UK website design company and express an interest in using the web for business purposes. If you are asked more questions to provide a quote instead of explain your business then you are likely to be buying a tool and not the benefits it provides.

If you still have doubts then try our free Internet consultancy session. No obligation, no charge and you WILL benefit from our recommendation at the end of it. Call us now on 0800 043 1057.

Saving money on software development
We use offshore software development resources to achieve savings of over 70% compared to UK prices, see offshore development and we pass this discount to you. Your contract is with ICAM Ltd which is 100% British (no additives or artificial colours!) and all UK legal protection applies.

Free ecommerce

If you are pursuing an ecommerce venture and have a tight budget, see our free ecommerce section. Your Internet consultant will be experienced in many aspects of the Internet, which include Internet sales and marketing, web design, Internet customer relationship management, search engine optimisation, newsletter management and many other aspects of Internet business

Being flexible with money
There are many things you have that we would be interested in from your circle of business contacts to the services or products your manage. If your cash flow prevents you from paying cash for our services, then no worries, contact us and let us see what we can work out. See our free website as an example.

All our consultants own or have owned e-commerce enabled websites so we consult from Internet experience and not theory. The only other reason we can think of that you would not want to contact us is the price of the phone call, so call us FREE on 0800 043 1057 or contact us to find out what we can do for you.
ecommece not working for you? then click the image to find out how we can help you out at zero or low cost.